Incense in 2020

I have noticed that k2 Incense isn’t what it used to be when looking at current offerings. The new legal blends sites are selling offer much better control of what’s happening and a better time overall. While some people loved the ridiculous out of control situations the old stuff got you into, I prefer the way ti is now. 

I ordered some last week and it took about a week to ship. Once it did, I got a tracking number and followed its progress to my location. I got it on a Friday which was perfect for the weekend. It really made me relax a lot and I felt great after lighting some in the room and letting it fill it with an aroma. 

The key is using the right amount to set the tone perfectly. You don’t want to do overdo it or underutilize it. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with it. Mine had a pretty nice aroma overall that I liked compared to past ones that would make the entire apartment smell. That is a key factor for me as I don’t want to upset neighbors or my roommate. 

So I’d recommend you check out the new stuff if it’s something that interests you. The new blends are 50 state legal so you don’t need to get them from a seedy gas station when no one is looking like in the past. Just be sure to know what you’re doing first!

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